OCTOBER 14 – 15, 2023

1 PM Central Daylight Time (18:00 Z) Saturday, October 14 to 1 PM Central Daylight Time (18:00 Z) Sunday, October 15.

This Party is sponsored by the Prairie Dog Amateur Radio Club of Southeastern South Dakota!

Whether you are an experienced contest operator, or a beginner experiencing your first contest, you are encouraged to participate in this laid back fun event!  For South Dakota Hams, the contest offers an opportunity to build your logged contacts quickly and to have fun promoting the Mount Rushmore State.  For those from everywhere else around the globe, this contest gives you an opportunity to work South Dakota stations from around the state.


1 PM Central Daylight Time Saturday to 1 PM Central Daylight Time Sunday.  GMT is 1800z.  This is an annual contest planned to be held on the 2nd full weekend of October.

OBJECT:  Stations outside South Dakota work as many South Dakota stations and counties as possible. Stations inside South Dakota work everyone.

EXCHANGE: Stations outside South Dakota send signal report and state, province or DXCC country. South Dakota stations send signal report and county.

MODE: Modes are phone, CW, and mixed.   Stations may be worked only once per mode per band – 160m thru 70cm (no WARC bands). Repeater contacts do not qualify.

QSO POINTS: Phone contacts are worth 1 point. CW contacts are worth 2 points.  Bonus:  100 points for at least one QSO with WØOJY.

MULTIPLIERS: Stations outside South Dakota multiply QSO points by total South Dakota counties worked. Stations inside South Dakota multiply QSO points by the total of the South Dakota counties worked, US States, Provinces and DXCC countries. South Dakota counties may only be used ONCE as a multiplier.

CLASSES:   In-State Multi-Op Fixed (CW/Phone/Mixed), (QRP/Low/High) In-State Single-Op Fixed (CW/Phone/Mixed) (QRP/Low/High), In-State Multi-Op Rover/Portable (CW/Phone/Mixed) (QRP/Low/High),
In-State Single-Op Rover/Portable (CW/Phone/Mixed) (QRP/Low/High),
Out of State Single-Op Fixed (CW/Phone/Mixed) (QRP/Low/High)
DX – Single-Op Any Mode (CW/Phone) and Power

MAXIMUM POWER: High power (greater than 150 watts), Low power (150 watts or less) and QRP (5 watts or less).

MOBILES: South Dakota Mobile (Rover/Portable) stations are considered a new contact each time they change counties. County line contacts will count as multiple contacts for both, but must be logged separately.

MULTI-OP:  When two or more operators use the same callsign at any time during
the QSO Party contest period, regardless of category. Logs must be combined into a single entry. The “Call Used” should be the callsign used by all operators. The callsigns of each
operator should be included in the “Operator(s) Call” to receive proper credit.

Band    CW                         PH/SSB    PH/FM
160m    1.830                      1.855
80m      3.540                      3.840
40m      7.040 or 7.100        7.210
20m      14.040 or 14.100    14.285
15m      21.040                     21.330
10m      28.040                     28.415
6m        50.040                     50.150     52.550
2m        144.060                  144.250    146.550
1.25m                                  222.150    223.450
70cm     432.105                 432.150    446.550

FINAL SCORE CALCULATION: QSO Points X Multipliers = Total + Bonus = Grand Total (Example 50 contacts SSB x 20 counties = 1,000 points + 100 bonus = 1,100 points grand total).

Bonus Contact

Stations that work the Sponsoring Club station during the event, WØOJY, may claim an extra 100 points. The extra points shall be added to the total. The sponsoring station 100 point bonus may only be used once. Additional contacts with that station count as regular contacts.  Only W0OJY will operate as Multi-Multi and will not be eligible for the In-State Log Drawing.

Questions:  Contact Bill Nixon by email at or if necessary, by telephone at 605-369-2100.