Special In-State Award

2023 In-State Drawing Winner:   KF0CZD – Chad Ver Steeg of Sioux Falls, SD!  

SDQP In-State Incentive Drawing

The Prairie Dog Amateur Radio Club would like to announce the SDQP In-State Incentive Drawing. This drawing is to increase in-state participation. Whether a “big-gun”, a QRP’r or a very casual operator, you have the same opportunity to win the drawing if you turn in a qualifying log.

The prize for SDQP 2023 In-State Incentive Drawing will be a $100 gift certificate from DX EngineeringGigaparts, Ham Radio Outlet, or Main Trading Company .   


  1. SDQP rules as posted on SDQP website apply.
  2. Any entry class may be used as defined by SDQP rules. The callsign used for Multi-Op will only be eligible for one chance for the In-State Log drawing. Should a Multi-Op station win the In-State Log Drawing, only one prize would be issued to that team.
  3. Operators may be licensed and reside anywhere but must operate and log QSOs within the state of South Dakota, no closer than 100 feet to the state boundaries, borders.
  4. All operators that submit an in-state log with no less than 100 valid QSOs will be entered. Their name/call will be assigned a serial number and go into the drawing pool list which will be maintained by SDQP coordinator.

The drawing:

  1. Prize TBD year-by-year and posted on SDQP website during the calendar year leading up to SDQP.
  2. Drawing is to be held during first PDARC meeting after log receipt deadline date for that calendar year SDQP.
  3. A copy of the serial numbers/ calls list will be given to the presiding Officer at the meeting where the drawing is held.
  4. A random person in attendance at the meeting will choose a number from the total serial numbers assigned. i.e., If 138 log serial numbers are assigned, the person must choose a number from 1-138 inclusive.
  5. The presiding Officer and coordinator will reference the serial number list to identify the winning recipient.
  6. Recipient will be posted on SDQP website, notified by email using the email address the log was submitted with or QRZ.com/db. information if necessary. If the recipient cannot be contacted within 14 days, a new drawing will be held.